Making School to Parent communication easy, engaging & eco-friendly!

School Diary has evolved and continues to revolve around on time and live information sharing between the school and the parents. No longer are you required to look up in your child’s diary for any notes or remarks. Nor do you need to ask fellow parents for anything that you may have missed out on. All information, be it class schedules or homeworks, submissions or craft classes, will be informed to you directly and on time.

What it essentially gives you is comfort and time to be prepared. It helps you avoid last minute hassles. No longer you are required to run to your nearest stationary for getting chart papers and glitters at 9 PM. School Diary comes as an accessible and easy to use hands on interface which cuts across a tons of your problems. No longer are you required to wait in the scorching sun waiting for your child; or the same for your kid when you are running a few minutes late. It helps you track your child’s bus’s movement and contact number of the driver in case of an emergency.

School diary uses the cloud for sharing media with you: messages, Homework PDFs and sound recordings. It eliminates the need of keeping a close track of things as it is all available on the cloud from where you can access it anytime, be it your phone or laptop.

School Diary Team

School Diary Team
“School Diary makes School to Parent communication easy & engaging“

School Diary Training Manual

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